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Accurate record keeping, medicine-interaction checking, complete organized notes, and legible instructions are but a few of the advantages of EHR's. With an invalid medical-legal record, risk of adverse litigation outcomes and costs rise. A document that cannot stand the simple tests of validity posed by existing legal business document and medical records rules can be a greater hazard and liability than no document at all.

The Institute of Medicine estimates that 44,000 to 98,000 deaths each year result from preventable medical errors in hospitals, and other estimates indicated that the number could be closer to 300,000. Each year, hundreds of thousands of preventable adverse drug events also occur. This hasn't yet been translated into dollar savings. Functions commonly found in EHR systems today include allergy checking, drug-interaction checking, medical alerts, access to additional patient data maintained by other health care organizations and many other features paper-based patient records are not capable of providing. Practiem will work with you to insure that your EHR solution meets today's legal standards, and we'll help you understand the responsibility of your EHR vendor in case medical-legal actions require their demonstration of the software's capabilities to support the legal medical record.