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In a $250 billion Pharmaceutical Market, why do physician practices receive 0% of the revenue?

Due to the financial strain caused by recent healthcare reform, finding solutions that generate revenue is extremely important. RxPRO provides a tremendous opportunity to quickly improve the financial performance of your practice while providing greater convenience for your patients.

Practiem's turnkey solution-RxPRO-includes everything physicians need to stock, dispense, and adjudicate claims for commonly-prescribed medications, right in their own office. Patients rave about the convenience of filling a prescription without making another stop, and many practices are seeing significant revenues related to in-office dispensing.

Your patients will rave about the convenience of filling a prescription without having to make another stop.

10 Ways RxPro Improves Patient Care and Enhances Your Practice:

1. Generates weekly reports
2. Automates your ordering system
3. Boosts Revenue
4. Manages patients, locations, inventory, and ordering
5. Saves time for staff and patients
6. Increases patient convenience
7. Web-based application - No software necessary
8. Provides dedicated client support and training
9. It's user-friendly
10. Facilitates EHR integration

If You Answer "YES" to Any of the Following Questions, then RxPro Is Right for You:

- Have you considered dispensing medication directly to patients rather than writing a scrip and sending your patient to the nearest pharmacy?
- Do you want to add a substantial revenue stream to your practice's bottom line?
- Do you hand out sample medications?
- Do you write at least 150 prescriptions a month?

We are always looking for technology that either increases revenue for the practice or streamlines workflow to reduce costs. Contact our staff at 855-PRACTIEM and let us show you how your practice can take advantage of this growing service while increasing your revenues

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